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Many, many thanks are due to the teachers and researchers who contributed essays on their work for the website, including:  Karen Barracuda, Melinda Buckwalter, Elizabeth Dempster, Joanne Emmons, Nancy Lyons, Lynn Martin and Drid Williams. Assistance with the development of essays I contributed to the website was provided by:  Elizabeth Clark, Martha Cook, Loraine Corfield, Irene Dowd, Jon Gibson, Betty Jones, Nancy Lyons, Gerald Peterson, Verna Popken, Clara Rolland, Nancy StarkSmith, Wolfgang Steinmüller, Sally Swift, Jacques Van Eijden, Ron Veeninga, Charles Woodford, Drid Williams and Patricia Zline.

As Webmaster, Jeanne Smith shaped the aesthetic of the website. She charted the vision for its operation, continually broadened her own skills to solve our problems and settled for nothing less than excellence at every turn. Words cannot adequately express my deep appreciation for her vision, intelligence and sensitivity. Without her unfaltering commitment, this project would never have materialized. 

Several other individuals provided help in large and small ways. Nancy Happel nurtured my first tentative attempts to take this information into the Internet environment. Todd Peden contributed his expertise and professional assistance when some of the logistical challenges seemed insurmountable. Sheilah Britton, Robert Kaplan, Joseph Matt, Gayle Shanks, Bobby Sommer and Andy Stevens lent invaluable support and assistance. 

The following publishers authorized the use of photographs, drawings and quotations from their publications: Contact Quarterly, Princeton Book Company, Teachers Video Workshop, Trafalgar Square Farm Books and University Press of America. Much appreciation is due to their administrators for their responsiveness and generous support of this project.

Pamela Matt - Site Editor